Amber Profile

Amber Association Partners is an Association Management Company (AMC) with eager and dedicated association professionals, with 65 years of association management experience between us. Our size lends itself to personal service and generates loyalty to you and your members. Professionals assigned as your staff become knowledgeable about your industry and build excellent working relationships with your leadership – we become your partners for success. Your organization reaps the benefits of the strong sense of responsibility that is generated in the excitement of our growing firm.

We thrive in an atmosphere where the association leaders, Amber staff and the experts who collaborate with us work as a team, with all partners dedicated to the success of the initiatives that we undertake. As your needs grow and change, Amber will provide the appropriate staff, or find the appropriate partners, that will not only generate successful outcomes but will do so in the most cost effective manner. Importantly, we have a dedication to and curiosity about the possibilities of the future. Amber is committed to providing top-notch service to its clients using the best that current technology has to offer and a staff that is enthusiastic about making the most of these state-of-the-art resources.

Our full-service management clients are long tenured and so are the Amber professionals who serve them. We have the skills and experience to provide the core competencies of association management for trade associations and professional societies. The clients we serve include company-based associations that have organized to promote their industry. We also manage individual member associations that focus on events that deliver information, knowledge and networking opportunities.

An Account Manager is assigned to work with your association and is responsible to your leadership, as well as to Amber, for the success of your organization. Management tasks are undertaken by an experienced association manager who also coordinates the work done by your Amber support staff and any professional partners serving your association. The appropriate support staff is assigned to perform administrative and meeting functions and report to your Account Manager. This professional would oversee all aspects of the work you have contracted and provide support and guidance as you take on new projects and help to steer your association on its path to growth and further success.